Event Photo Sales

Event Photo Sales were born from the idea that many professional and amateur photographers can create and sell images at a fixed price. We want to provide a service that is easy to use, automated, and scalable for these photographers. We host and manage images for digital download to Event participants or Event organizers.

  • Introduction

Event Photo Sales is an online photo sales platform hosting National (South Africa) or International Event Images and managed for digital download to event participants or clients. The platform is a complete online photo sales platform that enables businesses to sell images online.

  • How does the system work?

We cater for all sporting events, including image hosting and sales, for digital download to Event participants or Event clients. We offer a professional event photography service for images available for purchase online. For more information, please visit our website: www.eventphotosales.co.za

  • What makes the Event Photo Sales platform unique?

It has a fully integrated Online Event Image Sales platform. We cater for all sporting events, with the ability to manage images, upload files and make them available for download to participating participants. The system is also highly scalable, which makes it suitable for all events.

  • Pricing and Licensing

Our website design provides a secure online platform. Our website accommodates Event Organisers, Event Sponsors, Event Participants, Event Clients, and all those looking to purchase or sell Event Images. We have designed our website to suit all types of Event Organisers and Sponsors, ranging from small and large sports events, public events, corporate events, and private events. Our pricing structure accommodates all budgets.


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Event Photo Sales